Reward workplace achievements

Make your team feel valued by building recognition-driven company


Would agree to work harder if they were receiving more recognition

Recognize important milestones with credentials

Project Completion

Keep a record on project teams, skills they learned and tools they used

When goals are met

Celebrate completed targets and special achievements

Fun stuff

Reward social activites, gamify your work culture by adding a credential to it.


Give your team the tool to lift each other up

Unique initiatives

Show that you appreciate new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and any unconventional solutions.

Build recognition culture

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Every Friday, your team members receive a prompt to say thank you and send a digital gift to their peers. Every week, your team achievements are recorded from team player perspective.
Every credential stores meta data on your skills, knowledge and tools certified by your peers or managers.

Use your collection of credentials to visualize and prove what you've been working on, add value to your profile and create the most trustworthy life-long career picture.

Give a gift of digital asset

Each credential is a unique asset stored on blockchain, it’s your team members’ property.

Bring transparency to promotions

Eliminate unconscious biases by adding more data to promotions and bonuses. Build a culture of fair play and make crucial people decisions based on real data.

Streamline in-company mobility

Access information on real skills and talent within your company. Get more done with fewer hands.
Use case
Building a task force for a new project, see who’s a better fit

Eliminate frustration of December

Instead of spending weeks reporting on your team success by the end of the year, empower team members to record achievements on the go.
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